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ERIN Dress cornflower (front) ERIN DRESS - formal dress for babies & girls in royal blue or...
Pure silk dress for toddlers and children, in royal blue or emerald green for special occasions
From €310.00
The Fine Dandy Set (front) THE FINE DANDY SET - luxury newborn baby boy gifts
Loro Piana baby cashmere with soft silk pants in a gorgeous embellished gift box
The Prima Ballerina Set (front) THE PRIMA BALLERINA SET - luxury newborn baby girl gifts
Loro Piana baby cashmere knits with soft silk tutu in a gorgeous embellished gift box
FRANCIS Trousers (front) FRANCIS TROUSERS - boys pants for babies & kids
Boys luxury bottoms made of soft cotton twill in salt & pepper design with soft pockets for all occasions
From €220.00
AVERY Cardigan (front) AVERY CARDIGAN - exclusive designer kids knitted jacket
Luxury boys & girls knitted merino cardigan with pure silk details and mother of pearl buttons
CHARLY Trousers (front) CHARLY TROUSERS - exclusive knitted pants for babies and kids
Luxury boys & girls knitted organic cotton bottoms with pleats in the front, easy to dress for toddlers and little children
DICKIE Trousers black (front) DICKIE TROUSERS - baby pants made of soft corduroy
Luxury babies bottoms made of soft corduroy, ideal first suit pants
JOEY Onesie mineral (front) JOEY BODYSUIT - baby shirt bodyvest
Cute bodysuits for babies with silk collar in pastel shades
BABY Bonnet (side) BABY BONNET - loro piana baby cashmere knitted bonnet
Newborn baby hat, soft and luxurious, with a lavish silk bow
From €80.00
THEO Pullover (front) THEO PULLOVER - luxury wool jumper for kids
Pure boys & girls sweater, knitted merino wool.
From €300.00