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LOUIS PULLOVER (front) LOUIS PULLOVER - soft velvet sweater for baby and toddler
Soft milk fibre pullover with a contrasting babyneck for comfortable dressing and a smart look. Designed and produced in Vienna and selected European workshops.
From €150.00
JAMIE Shirt (front) JAMIE SHIRT - formal pale pink baby shirt
Pure formal babies long sleeve shirts with mother of pearl buttons
FRANCIS TROUSERS (front) FRANCIS TROUSERS - insect pattern kids pants
statement girls + boys trousers with gorgeous insect pattern made of linen and cotton jacquard with light wool for all seasons
From €220.00
SCOTT SHIRT (front) SCOTT SHIRT - white dress shirt for kids
Pure white shirt for boys and girls with soft stand up silk collar in pastel colors
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From €170.00
JOEY BODYSUIT (front) JOEY BODYSUIT - baby shirt bodyvest
Cute bodysuits for babies with silk collar in pastel shades
HERCULES PULLOVER (front) HERCULES PULLOVER - mighty knitted sweater of boys
a long sleeve muscle shirt sweater for boys made of fine organic cotton knit
From €310.00
GARY VEST (front) GARY VEST - boys waistcoat for casual and formal occasions
velvet and silk boy waistcoat - dandy style for wedding suits for boys
From €145.00
JAMIE Shirt (front) JAMIE SHIRT - formal baby shirt
Pure white formal babies long sleeve shirts with mother of pearl buttons
FRANCIS Shirt (front) FRANCIS SHIRT - dress shirt for boys and girls
Crisp and dandy longsleeve shirt made of Italian cotton for any occasion. Mandarin collar and short button tab in contrasting dupion silk...
POPEYE Cabbie Hat black (side) POPEYE CABBIE HAT - kids hats for girls and boys
cap in black corduroy or soft teal linen with silver grey silk lining by Muehlbauer Hats for The Small Gatsby
FRANCIS Trousers (front) FRANCIS TROUSERS - boys pants for toddlers & kids
Luxury boys pants made of soft cotton twill in salt & pepper design with soft pockets for all occasions
From €220.00
FRANCIS Trousers (front) FRANCIS TROUSERS - kids pants for girls and boys of corduroy
Corduroy pants with a medium high waist and fitted legs, with bright silk pockets
From €220.00
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