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HADRIAN Shirt (front) HADRIAN SHIRT - gala dress shirt for the young man
Boy tuxedo shirt made of pure white cotton popeline and bright silk details. Prom suits perfection.
LUKAS Trousers (front) LUKAS TROUSERS - suit pants for teenagers special occasions
boys dress pants in black, prom suit perfection
LUKAS Blazer (front) LUKAS BLAZER - gala suit jacket for teenagers special occasions
Boys tuxedo jacket made of luxury corduroy with pure bright silk details and handfinished earphone mount button holes. Prom suits perfection
BONNIE Collar fuchsia (front) BONNIE COLLAR - silk girls adornment
Babies & girls collar made of pure bright silk. Luxury accessories adding glamour to any outfit
EDITH Dress fuchsia (front) EDITH DRESS - exclusive girls dress for special occasion
Teens formal and handcrafted gala dresses / prom dresses for girls with bright colored multiple layers of dupion silk in the front
From €680.00
THEO Pullover (front) THEO PULLOVER - luxury wool jumper for kids
Pure boys & girls sweater, knitted merino wool.
From €300.00