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ERIN Dress (front) ERIN DRESS - baby dress and toddler dress in pure silk
little girls dress for in A shape for special occasions
From €310.00
FRANCIS Trousers (front) FRANCIS TROUSERS - kids pants for girls and boys of corduroy
Corduroy pants with a medium high waist and fitted legs, with bright silk pockets
From €220.00
FRANCIS SHORTS - short pants for babies & kids FRANCIS SHORTS - short pants for babies & kids
Classic boys shorts made of soft cotton twill, light bottoms for boys suits
From €200.00
DICKIE Trousers (front) DICKIE TROUSERS - baby and toddler boys dress pants
Toddler and baby boy dress pants. The bottoms to little boys suits
MARIE Tutu (front) MARIE TUTU - girls tutu skirt of soft silk georgette
Girls skirt / Girls petticoat made of light silk
AVERY Cardigan (front) AVERY CARDIGAN - exclusive designer kids knitted jacket
Luxury knitted merino children cardigan with pure silk details - designer knitwear for kids
BONNIE Dress fuchsia (front) BONNIE DRESS - soft velvet dress for babies & girls in 2 colors
Soft toddler girls dress in A-shape made of velvet with bright contrasting silk details in 2 bright colors
From €260.00
INES Dress fuchsia+saffron (front) INES DRESS - girls and babies dress of pleated cotton and silk
Exclusive girls dresses with knitted cotton plissé pleats and bright silk shoulder part in bright colors
From €260.00
BONNIE Collar fuchsia (front) BONNIE COLLAR - silk girls adornment
Babies & girls collar made of pure bright silk. Luxury accessories adding glamour to any outfit
CHARLY Trousers (front) CHARLY TROUSERS - exclusive knitted babies and kids pants
Luxury boys & girls knitted organic cotton pants with pleats in the front, easy to dress for toddlers and little children
CHRIS Blazer (front) CHRIS BLAZER - exclusive suit jacket for kids
Luxury boys & girls toddler blazer jacket made of corduroy, flannel and bright pure silk details in the front
CHRIS Romper (front) CHRIS ROMPER - exclusive baby jumpsuit for special occasions
baby boys and girls rompers with hand finished silk bodice
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