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DOLLY PLAYSUIT (front) DOLLY PLAYSUIT - baby girls bodysuit with insect pattern
pink baby girls playsuit with soft jacquard bodice - special occasions rompers for girls
DOLLY BABY ROMPER (front) DAISY BABY ROMPER - baby girls playsuit
white silk baby playsuit with soft pink - special occasions rompers for girls
LISA Bodysuit (front) LISA BODYVEST - ivory + pink baby girls bodysuit
soft baby onesie with pink ruffle sleeves for little ballerina girls
AGATHA DRESS (front) AGATHA DRESS - festive brocade girls dress
One of our formal girls dresses, this shift dress is made of pure Austrian brocade linen with a subtle luxurious sheen and ruffled backside
CLARA Dress (front) CLARA DRESS - pink girls dress for special occasions
One of our Classic girls dresses made of crisp cotton in 2 layers with silk details - for special occasions
LEIA Dress (front) LEIA DRESS - white girls dress for special occasions
One of our white dresses made of pure cotton crepe with art deco quilt at the neckline
ERIN Dress cornflower (front) ERIN DRESS - formal dress for babies & girls in royal colors
Pure silk girls dress in royal blue or emerald green for special occasions
From €310.00
FLOWER Headdress (front) FLOWER HEADDRESS - charming headpiece for girls and teens
couture fascinator for ladies of all ages. Perfect headdress for very special occasions.
ERIN Dress (front) ERIN DRESS - baby dress and toddler dress in pure silk
little girls dress for in A shape for special occasions
From €310.00
INES Dress (front) INES DRESS - girls and babies dress of pleated cotton knit and silk
Knit girls dress in soft blue green, with white bodice of Dupion silk
From €260.00
FRANCIS Shirt (front) FRANCIS SHIRT - dress shirt for boys and girls
Crisp and dandy longsleeve shirt made of Italian cotton for any occasion. Mandarin collar and short button tab in contrasting dupion silk...
BETTY Dress (front) BETTY DRESS - white baby girl dress with art deco quilt
One of our light baby dresses made of soft cotton crepe and silk, perfect for baptism and any other grand party
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